🎣 California Fish Plants for 4/28/2024 – 5/4/2024

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Overview of fish plants in California this week

This week, California will plant 6,000 fish across 11 locations. Notable counties for these plantings include Mono, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Shasta. Additionally, Alameda, Shasta, Siskiyou, and Tuolumne counties had significant unannounced fish plants last week, providing anglers with excellent opportunities for a good catch.

Additional California fishing information for this week

Today (4/27/2024) is Fishmas in California, the opening day of trout fishing season, held annually on the last Saturday of April. It takes place in the Eastern Sierra region and many other regions in California. (Make sure to check with CDFW to ensure the waters you’re fishing in is open to trout)

On Wednesday (5/1/2024) California’s Fish and Game Commission new recreational season structure for the groundfish/rockfish season will switch for regions above N 36Β°. Reminder that new bag limits, boundaries, timetable and regulations (like requirements to have descending devices on board) apply. To learn more, check out our overview. Source: CDFW

Locations planting this week

πŸ“ˆ = Includes historical fish plant graph πŸ“ = Includes guide to best spots

American River Silver ForkEl Dorado500
Crowley Lake πŸ“ˆ πŸ“Mono500
Duncan ReservoirMono500
June Lake πŸ“ˆMono500
Halsey Forebay πŸ“ˆPlacer500
Lake FulmorRiverside500
Arrowbear LakeSan Bernardino500
Glen Helen Park Lake πŸ“ˆ πŸ“San Bernardino500
Green Valley Lake πŸ“ˆSan Bernardino500
Jenks LakeSan Bernardino500
Mojave Narrows Regional Park Lake πŸ“ˆ πŸ“San Bernardino500
Iron Canyon Reservoir πŸ“ˆShasta500

Unannounced fish plants from last week

Note: These are fish plants from last week that were reported after the fishing location completed their fish plant. Some fishing locations do this to prevent a rush of anglers coming all at once. All of our data sets are updated and future reporting include this to give you the most accurate data possible.

Del Valle Lake πŸ“ˆAlameda1000
Lake Temescal πŸ“ˆAlameda1000
Los Vaqueros Reservoir πŸ“ˆ πŸ“Alameda2000
Quarry Lakes (Horseshoe Lake) πŸ“ˆAlameda1000
Angels CreekCalaveras500
Stanislaus River North ForkCalaveras500
White Pines LakeCalaveras500
Lake Amador πŸ“ˆIone1500
Burney Creek LowerShasta500
Burney Creek MiddleShasta500
Burney Creek UpperShasta500
Sacramento RiverShasta500
Antelope CreekSiskiyou500
Butte CreekSiskiyou500
Cold CreekSiskiyou500
McCloud River, Fowlers, Lower Falls πŸ“ˆSiskiyou500
Orr Lake πŸ“ˆSiskiyou500
Siskiyou Lake πŸ“ˆSiskiyou500
Wagon CreekSiskiyou500
Pinecrest Lake πŸ“ˆTuolumne500
Powerhouse StreamTuolumne500
Stanislaus River Middle ForkTuolumne500
Stanislaus River South ForkTuolumne500
Tuolumne River Middle ForkTuolumne500
Tuolumne River South ForkTuolumne500
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