🎣 California Fish Plants for 5/12/2024 – 5/18/2024

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Overview of fish plants in California this week

This week, California will conduct fish plants in 28 locations across various counties, with a total of 16,200 pounds of trout being distributed. The counties with the most significant planting efforts include Mono, Shasta, and Trinity. Mono County will see the largest amount of trout planted across ten locations, totaling 5,000 pounds. Shasta County will follow with eight locations sharing 4,000 pounds of trout, and Trinity County will distribute 3,000 pounds across six locations.

Locations planting this week

πŸ“ˆ = Includes historical fish plant graph πŸ“ = Includes guide to best spots

Susan River LowerLassen500
Bridgeport Reservoir πŸ“ˆMono500
Buckeye CreekMono500
Crowley Lake πŸ“ˆ πŸ“Mono500
Little Walker RiverMono500
Molybdenite CreekMono500
Owens River, Section 3 πŸ“ˆMono500
Robinson Creek πŸ“ˆMono500
Twin Lake LowerMono500
Twin Lake UpperMono500
Virginia Creek πŸ“ˆMono500
Big Bear LakePlumas500
Graeagle Mill PondPlumas500
Lake Hemet πŸ“ˆRiverside500
Gregory Lake πŸ“ˆ πŸ“San Bernardino1200
Baum Lake πŸ“ˆShasta500
Burney Creek LowerShasta500
Burney Creek MiddleShasta500
Burney Creek UpperShasta500
Clear Creek, above Whiskeytown Lake πŸ“ˆShasta500
Hat Creek MiddleShasta500
Hat Creek UpperShasta500
Whiskeytown Lake πŸ“ˆShasta500
Battle Creek South Fork πŸ“ˆTehama500
Deer Creek πŸ“ˆTehama500
Carrville PondTrinity500
Coffee Creek πŸ“ˆTrinity500
Ruth ReservoirTrinity500
Trinity River East ForkTrinity500
Trinity River Stuart ForkTrinity500
Trinity River, above Clair Engle Lake πŸ“ˆTrinity500

Unannounced fish plants from last week

Note: These are fish plants from last week that were reported after the fishing location completed their fish plant. Some fishing locations do this to prevent a rush of anglers coming all at once. All of our data sets are updated and future reporting include this to give you the most accurate data possible.

Del Valle LakeπŸ“ˆAlameda1000
Lake Chabot (East Bay)πŸ“ˆAlameda1000
Lake TemescalπŸ“ˆAlameda1000
Stanislaus River Clarks ForkAlpine500
Lake AmadorπŸ“ˆAmador1300
Angels CreekCalaveras500
Stanislaus River North ForkCalaveras500
White Pines LakeCalaveras500
El Dorado ForebayEl Dorado500
Dinkey CreekFresno500
Kings River, Below Pine Flat DamFresno500
Tenmile Creek, UpperFresno500
Kern River, Section 4Kern500
Kern River, Section 5Kern500
Pillsbury ReservoirLake500
Buckhorn ReservoirLassen500
Lewis CreekMadera500
Nelder CreekMadera500
Willow Creek North ForkMadera500
Big Creek, MaderaMariposa500
Folsom LakeπŸ“ˆSacramento500
Hat Creek MiddleShasta500
Hat Creek UpperShasta500
Lake ShastinaπŸ“ˆSiskiyou500
Sacramento RiverSiskiyou500
Battle Creek South ForkπŸ“ˆTehama500
Deer CreekπŸ“ˆTehama500
Kern River, Section 6Tulare500
Mooney Grove Park PondTulare500
Stony CreekTulare500
Beaver CreekTuolumne500
Lyons Canal (Columbia Ditch)Tuolumne500
Pinecrest LakeπŸ“ˆTuolumne500
Powerhouse StreamTuolumne500
Stanislaus River Middle ForkTuolumne500
Stanislaus River South ForkTuolumne500
Tuolumne River Middle ForkTuolumne500
Tuolumne River South ForkTuolumne500

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