Corona Lake Fishing Guide: Awaiting the Rejuvenation of Southern California’s Aquatic Gem

Unfortunately, there’s some bad news about fishing at Corona Lake in Los Angeles and Vicinity, California. As of October 26, 2023, Corona Lake is closed to the public for recreational activities, including fishing. This closure is due to ongoing maintenance and improvements aimed at restoring the lake’s health and ecosystem.

While it’s disappointing for anglers, it’s important to remember that the closure is temporary and for the greater good of the lake. Once the necessary work is completed, Corona Lake will once again be a vibrant fishing destination.

However, I can still tell you about the fish you could expect to catch, the insights from the locals, and the unique aspects of the area, so you’ll be prepared for when it reopens:

Types of Fish You Could Expect to Catch

  • Rainbow Trout:
    • These beauties were stocked regularly during the winter months (December to February), attracting anglers with their fighting spirit. Early mornings and evenings near the inlets or deeper areas were prime times for success.
  • Channel Catfish:
    • Come summertime (May to September), catfish took center stage. Nightcrawlers, stink bait, and cut bait were their go-to snacks, especially near the bottom. Be prepared for whiskered battles!
  • Largemouth Bass:
    • These year-round residents patrolled coves, weed beds, and rocky structures. Early mornings and evenings, especially during spring and fall, were ideal for bass fishing. Crankbaits, jigs, and plastic worms were their weaknesses, and their acrobatic leaps were a thrill to watch.
  • Crappie and Bluegill:
    • These feisty panfish loved the shallows and structures like docks and submerged trees. Live minnows or small jigs were their irresistible invitations for a tug-of-war. Kids would have a blast reeling these feisty friends in.
  • Bonus Beauties:
    • Keep an eye out for the occasional carp, stocked golden trout, or even a sneaky bass hybrid. They added an element of excitement and surprise to your catch.

Locals’ Insights

  • Early Risers Were Rewarded:
    • Early risers were rewarded with the best catches, especially for trout and bass. Matching the hatch with lures or flies for trout and using live bait for catfish and crappie were key strategies.
  • Renting a Boat or Fishing from the Shore:
    • Renting a boat or fishing from the shore were both viable options. Boats allowed access to deeper water and hidden coves, while the shore offered easy access and a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Families Loved Making Fishing Part of a Fun-Filled Outing:
    • Families loved making fishing part of a fun-filled outing, with picnic areas, playgrounds, and even paddle boat rentals available. Catch-and-release for many fish (check regulations) was also encouraged.

Unique Aspects of the Area

  • Despite Being Close to the City:
    • Despite being close to the city, Corona Lake offered a surprising escape with scenic hills and diverse wildlife. The sound of birdsong and turtles basking on logs created a peaceful backdrop to your fishing adventure.
  • The Lake Held a Rich History:
    • The lake held a rich history, having been a local favorite since the 1890s. Imagine the stories whispered by the waters as you cast your line.
  • The Occasional Fishing Tournament:
    • The occasional fishing tournament throughout the year added an element of excitement and a chance to test your skills against other anglers.

Top Fishing Spots (for when the lake reopens)

  • North Shore:
    • Perfect for shallow water species like sunfish and crappie. Inlets and deeper areas near the dam attracted potential trophy trout, especially in the mornings and evenings.
  • East Shore:
    • Rocky areas and submerged trees were prime for bass and catfish. This was a good area for boat fishing or trying your luck from the shore.
  • West Shore:
    • Enjoy the solitude and cast towards the deeper center for potential monster catfish and bass, especially during the evenings.
  • Docks and Bridges:
    • These structures offered ambush points for hungry crappie and bass. Experimenting with different depths and presentations would help you find what worked best.

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Remember, while Corona Lake is currently closed, this information will be helpful once it reopens. So, keep it bookmarked and plan your exciting fishing adventure for the future!