Redondo Beach Pier Fishing Guide: Exploring a Coastal Legacy

Delve into the rich fishing heritage of Redondo Beach Pier, an iconic structure standing as a testament to Southern California’s angling prowess since 1920. Uncover the diverse marine life that graces its waters and discover the strategies for a successful fishing experience.

Redondo Beach Pier: A Fishing Paradise for All Levels

Redondo Beach Pier, weathered by time and tides, has been a local landmark and angler’s haven for over a century. Experience the following array of fish species that make this pier their home:

Types of Fish You Can Expect to Catch at Redondo Beach Pier

  • Pier Classics: Halibut takes center stage, accompanied by white croaker, thornbacks, guitarfish, bat rays, smelt, shinerperch, queenfish, starry flounder (winter), sand dabs, and the occasional bass. Bonito and mackerel bring seasonal excitement.
  • Rocky Residents: Cast towards the pier base for feisty sculpin, sheephead, cabezon, and rockcod.
  • Deep-Sea Giants: While not directly accessible, Redondo Beach serves as a gateway to epic offshore adventures. Charter a boat and pursue yellowtail, whitefish, dorado, barracuda, and even mako sharks.

Local Insights and Timing is Key

  • Timing is Key: Spring and summer offer prime opportunities for halibut, rockfish, and whitefish. Fall and winter introduce sand dabs, starry flounder, and occasional yellowtail in deeper waters.
  • Live Bait Entices the Big Ones: Elevate your game with live sardines, squid, or anchovies. The pier store is a reliable source, or try your luck with sabiki fishing.
  • Rent or Bring Your Own: While the pier provides rentals for casual anglers, seasoned ones prefer their trusted gear.

Unique to Redondo Beach Pier

  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Ideal for introducing kids to fishing, the relaxed vibe and variety of fish make it a fun learning experience for all ages.
  • Breakwall Wonders: Explore the rocky outcrop near the pier for a unique fishing experience. Test your luck for calico bass, perch, and even lobster in the kelp beds.
  • Seafood Galore: After your catch, savor the freshest seafood dishes at nearby Harbor Breeze Restaurant or the Seaside Lobster & Chowder House, enjoying your bounty with stunning ocean views.

Top Fishing Spots on the Pier and Bonus Tips

  • Outer End: Prime real estate for halibut, sharks, and bat rays. Troll for mackerel and bonito in this area.
  • Mid-Pier Zone: Target rockfish, sculpin, and sheepshead with bait or lures.
  • Inner Pier and Railings: Hotspots for smelt, shinerperch, and queenfish, especially with sabiki rigs.
  • Breakwall Area: Cast towards the rocks for calico bass, perch, and perhaps even a lobster.
  • Bonus Tip: Be mindful of tides and currents, as they can influence the bite and make casting challenging. Seek advice from the bait shop or local anglers for the day’s conditions.

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Redondo Beach Pier: Coastal Tranquility and Community Connection

Redondo Beach Pier offers something for everyone, from laid-back pier fishing to thrilling deep-sea adventures. Immerse yourself in the SoCal vibes, grab your rod, and cast your line into an unforgettable experience. May your fishing endeavors at Redondo Beach Pier be filled with tranquility, surprises, and lasting memories.