Unveiling Muni Pier’s Fishing Legacy: Insights for Future Expeditions

Muni Pier, now closed for the foreseeable future, still harbors a treasure trove of insights for anglers planning future expeditions. Despite its closure, this pier, just west of Aquatic Park, has a history rich with fishy offerings.

Types of Fish You Can Expect to Catch Here:

Sharks (Seasonally): Occasional visitors like Leopard sharks and Bat rays were drawn to the baitfish and protected waters near the pier.

Striped Bass (Migratory): From October to May, stripers chased baitfish along the pilings and shoreline. Trolling or baitfishing near the pier was key.

Herring (Seasonal): Large schools of herring, especially in the spring, attracted other fish and offered exciting jigging opportunities.

Rockfish (Resident): Sculpins, Kelpfish, and the occasional Cabezon lurked around the pilings, eager for bait or small jigs.

Surf Perch (Year-round): Walleye and Silver Surfperch loved the sandy areas near the pier, offering light tackle fun with bait or lures.

Crabs (Seasonally): Dungeness crabs were abundant during crabbing season, attracting crabbers with traps and bait.

Local Insights:

  • Know the Tides: Incoming tides brought baitfish closer to the pier, attracting stripers and other predators. Outgoing tides were good for bottom feeders like crabs and some rockfish.
  • Fish the Pilings: Cast jigs or bait near the pilings for rockfish, crabs, and the occasional surprise. Striper schools could also be found here.
  • Trolling Secrets: Trolling lures or baitfish along the shoreline, especially near the ferry terminal, could yield stripers, herring, and even the occasional halibut.
  • Be Patient: Muni Pier wasn’t known for monster catches, but patient anglers, especially during herring runs or striper migrations, could be rewarded.
  • Respect the Locals: Many folks enjoyed fishing at Muni Pier, so be mindful of lines and space, and share the pier with courtesy.

Unique Things to Pay Attention To:

  • Limited Parking: Parking near the pier could be tricky, especially on weekends. Consider alternative transportation like biking or public transit.
  • Strong Currents: Currents near the pier could be swift, so use proper anchoring or be cautious when wading.
  • Bird Interactions: Be mindful of gulls and pelicans, especially when using bait, and keep your food secure to avoid unwanted visitors.
  • Seasonal Changes: The fish populations and activity levels varied throughout the year. Research the best times for your target species.

Specific Locations (For Future Reference):

  1. Pier End: Cast jigs or bait for rockfish, stripers, and herring around the pilings and edges.
  2. Shoreline Near the Ferry Terminal: Troll for stripers and herring, or cast lures for surf perch in the sandy shallows.
  3. Crabbing Area: During crabbing season, drop traps in the deeper areas near the pier for Dungeness crabs.

Additional Tips:

  • Grab a California Fishing License: Ensure compliance with regulations, and obtain an EBRPD Daily Fishing Access Permit once the pier reopens.
  • Respect the Closure: Avoid attempting to fish from the pier while it’s unsafe. Stay informed about the pier’s reopening plans and future regulations.

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Muni Pier, though currently closed, holds the potential for exciting fishing once it reopens. By remembering these insights and planning your future trip strategically, you’ll be ready to cast a line and reel in some Bay Area bounty!